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Convert Film & Video to DVD : VHS Video Camcorder tape and cine Film to DVD conversion, transfer 


cine movie film to DVD convert conversion transfer service Glasgow

Convert and view your video or film memories conveniently on DVD or IPad / PC. Prevent your precious films, VHS tapes or slides deteriorating. Transfer your home movies films (Super / Standard 8mm, 16mm ), VHS or Betamax Tapes,

Camcorder Hi 8, C-format, MDV tapes, 35mm slides to DVD or MPEG/PC using our quality professional transfer services Local collection & drop off service in Glasgow area available.

VHS video tape to DVD transfer conversion service video history scotland

Convert Cine Film, 35mm slide, VHS & Betamax Video tape to DVD transfer & Repair Services

film slide VHS video tape to DVD transfer conversion Glasgow service video history scotland

We have over sixty years experience and skills in this field and we also guarantee to treat your precious family or archive films and slides with the same careful respect and attention that we do for all of our materials within our own archive libraries. Allow us to transfer your video tapes and old cine films (16mm, Standard/Super 8mm, 9.5mm or VHS, Hi-8 tape formats ) or slides, photographs to DVD.

Glasgow Film to DVD convert transfer 8mm super or standard 16mm 9.5mm 35mm slides

We offer high quality film to DVD transfer services to convert your own precious family memories to convenient DVD format. All prices includes titles of your choice at start and end, DVD Cover and Label design and printing, addition of background music where required. Simply mail your tapes, films or slides to us via secure mail service and we will take care of everything and return your original tapes, films or slides plus your DVD copies via secure mail service.

VHS/Camcorder Tapes to DVD / PC File

Initial Tape

Subsequent Tapes

VHS / Betamax Video and Camcorder Hi 8, C Format, MDV Tapes. Includes title insertion start/end, Free additional DVD "Master Copy" for backup, Personalised DVD label and cover design, Intro, End music and option to provide converted video on DVD or USB Hard Drive (MPEG, AVI etc..)



Film to DVD / PC File Transfer. All Film to DVD transfer or Conversion includes careful film cleaning, title insertion start/end, Free additional DVD "Master Copy" for backup, Personalised DVD label and cover design, Intro, End music

Initial Reel

Subsequent Reels

Standard / Regular or Super 8 cine Film

50ft film (3" diam reel) approx 4mins RT

 £19.95 includes 2 DVD copies


200ft film (5" dain reel) approx 15mins RT

£24.95 includes 2 DVD copies


400 ft film (7" diam reel) approx 30mins RT

£29.95 includes 2 DVD copies


Supplied as Editable file provided Windows .mv or Mac Quicktime file or Flash .flv file

Transfer price + £6.00


Additional DVD copy

Master DVD Copy inlcuded

Film Cleaning to clean, lubricate & preserve


DVD personalised Disk Label and Cover design & print


Title Insertion beginning and end


Convert Video or Film & provide on USB Memory Drive

Price varies depending upon outfile video file size. Ask for quote.

35mm Slide Transfer to DVD

0-24 slides

£0.70 / slide

25-99 slides

£0.60 / slide

100 - 199 slides

£0.50 / slide

200 plus slides

£0.40 / slide

Plus editable PC CD


Slideshow DVD (uneditable)



Additional CD copy


Additional DVD slideshow copy


DVD disk label title

DVD Case insert title

Archive Media Storage Service per order (safety & future ordering)


Contact us to obtain a quote: click here