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Glasgow History DVD Titles Springburn, Lanark, 


The history of Glasgow and it's reputation as the second City of The Empire was built upon its industrial and maritime reputation for quality and innovation. Our DVD publications feature and capture much of Glasgow and its famous shipbuilding and industrial history including Glasgow railway, shipbuilding and ships of the Clyde or many Glasgow landmarks and places now lost.

DVD Glasgow History - Scenes of Old Springburn

At the beginning of the 19th century Springburn was a mere wooded hamlet with a few scattered cottages and the odd mansion house of the rich Glasgow merchants. By the middle of the century this area had become the hub of the Caledonian and North British Railway Companies and the factories of two great private builders of steam locomotives for the railways of the world. Around these workshops had grown up a whole community with every man, woman and child dependent directly or indirectly upon the production of steam locomotives. This DVD provides an insight into life in Springburn in its industrial heyday. Springburn - Railway Metropolis of the world. Running time 34mins

DVD Glasgow History - Scenes of Old Springburn

DVD The Royal Burgh of Lanark Lanimer Day Celebrations 1951-1961 History Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Lanark Lanimer week is one of Scotland’s oldest traditions is an ancient celebration within the Royal Burgh of Lanark which is held on the Thursday between 6th and 12th June each year since the year 1140. At one time all of the various Lanimer celebrations were within a single day but have gradually evolved during the 20th century to become a series of events spanning a week. Key events of Lanimer week include The Kirkin of the Cornet, The Perambulation of the Marches, The Lord Cornet;s Ball, Evening Ride Out by the Lord Cornet, Lanimer Day – Procession, The Crowing of the Queen, the Queen’s Reception and the Queen’s Reception at the Memorial hall. Lanimer Day itself is the highlight of the weeks celebration. Relive the exciting and nostalgic sights, scenes and faces of a decade of Lanark’s Lanimer Day celebrations starting in 1951. Recall the annual “Kirkin of the Cornet” and enjoy the abundance variety and creativity of the beautifully decorated floats in the procession whose fantastic designs include Cakes, Roman Forts, Ships, Tropical Islands, Popeye and many more as they entertain the thousands of townsfolk who line the streets on this important day of the year. With the Highland Pipe Bands, The Boys Brigade, Scouts and Girl Guides all involved it truly is a spectacle for all. Catch a glimpse of the town as it was in the 1950’s when its local businesses and shops included Greenlees & Sons, Thomas Rodgers, Carrs, David Archibald, Darroch & Sons Jewellers and Bairds of Edinburgh. Of course no Lanimer Day would be complete without the coronation of a new Lanimer Queen. We share the formalities, procession, traditions and crowning ceremony of the each new Lanimer Queen during successive years with the crown passing from Queen to Queen elected from the local schools of the time that then included The Secondary School, New Lanark School, Kirkfieldbank School, The Primary School and St Mary’s School. These golden memories of this precious ancient traditional celebrations are preserved here and truly revived for your enjoyment as we journey back in time to recall past Lanimer Day Celebrations from the last Century. Whether you are a “Lanarkain” or have ties to the town of Lanark or whether you simply wish to discover more about the history, events and people of Lanark then you are sure to find something of special interest here. Running Time 42mins

DVD The Royal Burgh of Lanark Lanimer Day Celebrations 1951-1961 History Glasgow, Lanarkshire