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DVD Great Clydebuilt Ships of The Clyde 1859-1959

The River Clyde with its world wide reputation for designing and building some the greatest ships, liners and steamers ever led the world in ship design and ship building. The term Clyde built is still used today as a reference to quality and workmanship. From the Cutty Sark to the Queen Elizabeth these historic ships all share the proud lineage of being built on the Clyde. Researched, written and produced by Colin M. Liddell using rare archive footage these unique titles capture and unfold the history of Clyde Ships, Shipbuilding, Clyde Paddle and Turbine Steamers, Puffers, Ferries, Tugs and many other vessels that plied the Clyde, our lochs and waters around the West Coast of Scotland during the previous century.

Henry Bell and his famous ship the Comet the first ship to successfully harness steam power for navigation ushered in the age of steam navigation not only to the River Clyde but across the world. However nowhere was the pace of change and so fast as along the banks of the River Clyde. The Clyde steamer fleet combined with steam railway connections brought remote islands, lochs and hamlets around the River Clyde within reach of the tourists and became a vital lifeline for local people.